Quinta do Sobreiro Real Weddings, Banquets, Parties and other Events


At Quinta do Sobreiro Real we have the ideal solution for conducting any event. In addition to our varied menus catering and decorative services, we work in partnership with professionals dealing with all the details of your event:

  • Floral decoration
    (tables, indoor and outdoor space)
  • Musical Entertainment
    (with or without live music)
  • Children’s Entertainment
    (Inflatables, Children animator)
  • Invitations
    (weddings, birthdays, events)
  • Memories
    (bride and groom, guests, event participants)
  • Placards
    (posters advertising all kinds of events)
  • Limousines
    (to rent)
  • Photography
    (Professional Photographers)
  • Dresses and suits
    (for weddings and other events)

Apenas fazemos as nossas sugestões, a escolha será sempre vossa.